All of our products are made of natural animal leather, so it is possible to find color variations or small markings on it. This small irregularities make every product unique and different, and should not be thought of imperfections.

Leather also evolves over time, becoming softer and acquiring a natural patina. In some cases, its texture or color may vary as a result of the precious skins’ nature, which makes every piece unique and extraordinary.

In order to preserve any Solantu product in optimal conditions, we recommend that you store it in a cold, dry place, always in its original dustbag.

Please, avoid long exposures to sunlight and liquids as water, perfumes or oils, as this may cause discolorations.

If your Solantu gets wet, simply dab lightly the moisture with a soft dry cloth and leave the handbag to dry at room temperature.

To clean the alpaca clasp, use a dry cloth, without any cleaning products, as they might stain the skin. Avoid knocks that could damage the onyx stone.